5 Strategic Ways to Use Online Coupon Code

Coupons codes is a core marketing tool that enable you to attract new and repeat customers by offering them discounts. Different from the paper coupon, online coupon code is more widely-used and functional than you can think of. The benefit of using coupon code is not only driving traffic for your online shop. In fact, it also helps build loyal customers, track revenue sources and retarget Facebook fans? Let’s go over the following 5 strategic ways now to get some great ideas of how to implement online coupon code!

1. Provide Prelaunch and Holiday offers

If you’re still in the prelaunch stage of your business or maybe even launching a new product, you can use prelaunch offers to increse store traffic and attract customer’s attention. Special offers can also collect valuable feedbacks from customer and find out the right target groups. By giving out a disscount with coupon code, you can invite your customers to finish a survey or leave a review or comment. In an addition, big holidays and your store anniversary are also great opportunities to stretch revenues with offers.

2. Reward Loyal Customer and Show Gratitude

Instead of just offering discount to everyone, it is neat to reward your most loyal fans. Rewarding customers with coupon can help build up a stronger relationship and encourage repurchase behavior. It can be as simple as sending your best customers a personal email with the coupon code and include warn greetings. It is also a good idea to add a thank you card with a coupon code when you wrap up the item. For example, you can say “I’d like to give you $50 off your next order. Thanks for being such a great customer!“ Showing gratitude to your customers like this go a long way toward building brand loyalty.

3. Track Revenue Sources

Discount codes are great for tracking which sales channels are performing the best for you. Store owners can distribute different coupon codes to different channels so that you can see which channels refer the most sales and concentrate on optimizing those channels. By upgrading to Shop Plan in Boutir, you can create unlimited coupon codes to track your revenue sources.

4. Retargeting and Cart Abandonment Strategies

Statics shows that online sellers are losing close to 70% of all customers everyday because many people abandon their carts or leave your page due to different reasons. However, people who have been to your sites generally shows interests to your products and it is necessary to bring them back by using coupon code. One of the powerful tactics is: put your coupon code into your Facebook ad, and don’t forget to include an eye-catching image.

5. Distribute Through Different Channels

Apart from disturbing your coupon code through various online channels, such as Facebook, email and message, business owners should not miss any offline channels. For example, for some Boutir sellers are running their physical stores  or joining weekend market from time to time. They can give out their online coupon code to customers when they check out and invite them to shop in your online store. Don’t forget to set a time-based deadline or quantity-based limit, otherwise there will be no urgency for customers to use the coupon code.

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