20 Days In Bangkok: Our Budget-Friendly Itinerary

I’ve been wanting to learn surfing. After I quit my job, I decided to travel to Phuket, one of the best surfing spots for beginners in Asia. So why not! On my way to conquer the waves, I stopped in Bangkok for a few weeks, which my bestie has told me a million times that it is a vibrant city packed with amazing restaurants and shopping malls. I couldn’t agree more! I also fell in love with its beautiful architecture, cultural heritage and of course, its super friendly people.

Although I only had a limited budget for the trip in Bangkok, I actually visited more places and tried out more activities than I expected. One tip is to know your way around in advance. I went to most attractions by BTS Skytrain. However, Uber is also a great choice for tourists during off-peak hours. The app definitely saved me a lot of time translating the English address into Thai for the drivers.

You should not miss the Grand Palace even though it always crowded with tourists. The entrance fee costs 500 Baht (~ 120 HKD), which is a bit steeper than other attractions in the city. But it’s worth the splurge to explore the royal life and experience Thailand’s history. I got off at the Saphan Taksin station and took the tourist ferry across the Chao Phraya River to get to the palace (In hindsight I should have taken the public one, which is just right next to it and it is much cheaper).

After a few minutes walk from the pier, you can see the spectacular and atmospheric palace. Remember to dress appropriately. Covering your legs and shoulders is required for entering this royal palace. Since their King Bhumibol passed away not long ago , there were a lot of locals who dressed in black came to the Grand Place to mourn him. The king’s portraits were also hung in many public areas, such as the stations, banks and many other places. From each corner of the city, you could truly feel people’s love towards their revered king .

Not far from the Grand Palace is the Wat Pho, where you could find a gigantic reclining Buddha statue. It is 45-meter long and 15-meter high, and covered with golden colour. The overall temple complex is very impressive with a number of gorgeous stupas. They are beautifully decorated with gold and shiny objects in old-Bangkok style. I was amazed to see how glorious it looked under the evening sunset.

On the other side of the river is where the Temple of Dawn located. Taking the private ferry is ridiculously cheap and convenient. It costs only 3 Baht and the duration lasts around 2 minutes. However, the temple was under construction and a few main towers were caged in scaffolding. You could see a lot of adorable kittens live in the temple and enjoy a lazy afternoon there.

Aside from the Grand Palace and temples, the night markets are not to be missed! Two of my favourites were the Asiaquie night market and the Chatuchak weekend market. Chatuchak is known as “the mother of all markets”, which consists of 15,000 stalls. It amazes with alleys after alleys of stores and sells all kinds of lovely things, including trendy clothes, accessories, Buddhist crafts, antique wood carvings, ceramic wares, art painting, farm-fresh flowers and… you name it!

I can guarantee that there is something for you, and prices are very competitive. There’s nothing I enjoy more than shopping all different natural essential oils and organic soaps in various fragrances. I was also crazy about their extra virgin coconut oil which smells so nice.


I was obsessed with the coconut ice cream served in a coconut husk with sticky rice and some other toppings like aloe vera jelly and red beans. I missed it so much that my mouth water when I think about them! This is one of the must-have street food in Bangkok!  In this city, you can actually find street food within arm’s reach — fresh chopped fruits with weird dressing, all kinds of BBQ, Thai snacks, and a whole lot more that I still cannot figure out what are they. Plus, there are always some food stands near the stations that you can enjoy on the way home.

Visiting the Chinatown was not in my plan. But since my girlfriend was so eager to taste the durian and she was so sure there should be some over there, I decided to make a short visit to the Chinatown before her afternoon flight. Despite the intense heat that day, I had a good time here seeing a lot of traditional Chinese shops and buildings with rich culture and history.  The Chinatown covers a large area at the riverside and it has lots of small narrow and peaceful alleys that we can enjoy a slow walk and take some nice photos.

The last day and also the most exciting day, I spent 4 hours in Silom Thai Cooking School, learning how to cook Thai food. The instructor picked us up in the station at 9 am and we walked to a local wet market to shop for fresh ingredients that we needed for the class. While the instructor was introducing different kinds of Thai herbs and spices, I was wondering whether I could buy them from the markets in Hong Kong. There was a stall selling fresh coconut mike and sugar, which tasted really wonderful.

The class was pretty hands-on and I got a lot of chances to chop the vegetables, make the sauces and stir-fry them with meats. Everything went on very smoothly and I have learned to cook five dishes. We had a short break to taste each dish after cooking them and I’m not shy to say all of them taste fabulous! To be honest, I even think that the Pad Thai I cooked at that day taste much better than any I tried in the restaurants ;)! The cooking class was definitely a highlight of the trip!

At last I also want to mention one of the hostels that I stayed for a night in Bangkok when I was traveling alone. It is called the Yard Hostel, which located near the Ari BTS station. I met some friends there and we ended up having a lot of fun hanging out together. One of them was from Korea who is currently planning to open a Korean restaurant in Phuket. Without knowing where to go for dinner that night, we decided to follow his suggestion and go to the Korean town for Korean barbecue. After that, we headed to an architecture exhibition, which was also a fascinating experience for me.

Hong Kong Pride Parade

Events celebrating and protesting LGBT rights have taken place in many parts of the world over the last several months. Hong Kong enjoyed its annual parade on November 10, with a theme “dare to love”, attracting people from all over the world. Starting from Victoria Park, the attendees dressed in a variety of fashions denoting their occupation or favorite social theme, calling for equal opportunities and fair treatment in the work place. With a huge rainbow flag and colorful popping bubbles, the happy throng paraded through the city centre creating a carnival-like atmosphere during the two-hour-long procession.

A huge rainbow flag is carried by participants during the 4th Hong Kong LGBT parade.

The Hidden Side of organic Farming in Hong Kong

It is sometimes a bit stressful to write an investigative story, but it always excites me. On this occasion, I was really lucky to meet some farmers who were willing to talk about the hidden side of the organic market, but it was not easy to build up trust with them and persuade them to talk about some of the more sensitive issues.

I tried to visit as many organic farms and organic markets as possible in the New Territories and carry out a little research before I started to do interviews. Gathering background information paid off during interviews as
my contributors seemed to respect the fact that I knew something about the industry and opened up a little more.

I also visited some self- proclaimed organic strawberry farms on the mainland and found that most of them did not have any certi cation. There are a lot more certi cation centers on the mainland and the situation is more complicated. But not having unlimited time I decided to focus on the organic market in Hong Kong.

The main story reveals certain “secrets” of organic farmers and also highlights frequent infringement of the regulations. I have also tried to explain the reasons behind some of the malpractices which have been the subject of reports by agricultural experts. The second story covers some of the public misconceptions about organic food. Finally I have presented an opinionatives ummary where I share some important facts and figures with you.

Facing the onslaught of a growing number of cheaper agricultural products imported from the mainland, Mr Yu Soeng-Kwong has been

suffering greater and greater losses. He learned from his peers that selling organic vegetables was much more profitable, so he finally decided to start practicing organic farming.

However, making the change did not make Mr Yu’s life easier. Having undergone a radical change in his farming methods he also went through the rigorous procedure to obtain organic certification. Since establishing himself as an organic farmer his biggest headache has been trying to compete with a number of farmers who sell their self-proclaimed organic vegetables at a much lower price.

In research conducted by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center (HKORC) in March 2014 it was said that nearly 80 percent of stalls in
90 street markets were selling self-proclaimed organic vegetables without any official organic certifications.

Higher profits have lured farmers into taking the risk of selling fake organic vegetables which have been palmed off on a lot of unsuspecting customers. The lack of regulation and control of organic produce and surging prices are two major causes of the chaos in the organic market.

In Hong Kong there are two main organizations which provide organic certification and have the right to issue green labels – the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center (HKORC) and the Hong Kong Organic Certification Center

(HKOCC). Certificates issued by these two centers have to be renewed annually with a payment of HK$ 3000 and HK$ 10,000 respectively.

Farmers who successfully achieve certification agree to adopt the organic standard, growing produce without using chemical fertilizers
and pesticide, genetically modified organisms, preservatives, additives and irradiation, according to the Food and Health Bureau.

However, the reality can be very different
and complex as the organic verification system
is fraught with loopholes and grey zones. Can customers have any confidence in the organic certification system and those green labels? To what extent are organic farmers complying with guidelines or is it all just about fake products and high prices.


Is Brunei a “Boring” Country?

Brunei is probably not a usual destination for most travel and it is always labeled as boring or “no fun”. My parents chose this place for holiday and they invited me to come. I was more than happy to join since I haven’t been to a strict Islamic country yet. I was so surprised to find that the gasoline in this country was cheaper than water! Located in Southeast Asia, Brunei is super rich in natural gas and petroleum resources, which allows its people to enjoy great wealth.

The first impress that I had for Brunei was the low pace lifestyle. It took each of us around 5 minutes to cross the customs when we first arrived. Eating in the restaurants, we were normally required to wait for around half an hour to get your food. Though the efficiency drove me mad sometimes, I gradually got used to it and tied to be more patient for Brunei people.

The tour guide told us that Bruneians were very proud of their amazing social welfare such as completely free medical care and education. If a students want to study aboard, the government will pay the tuition fee as long as they will serve the country for ten years after graduation. And also, if people suffer serious illness and need medical treatments outside the country, the government will pay all your expenses including the air tickets for the patient and family who accompany.

There are more we can jealous of – the housing policy. Local people can apply for the public houses and borrow money from the government. Normally, it takes around 7 year for people to pay off the loan, with just few hundred Hong Kong dollars per month. It is easy to find a lot of public houses along the streets while we were visiting the city. You would not believe that all those houses have a huge garden and 10 bedrooms at average. However, alcohol and cigarette are forbidden in Brunei, which has made my dad a bit upset during the trip. So if you are a alcoholist,  it is not a place for you then.



Travel to North Korea – Pyongyang

Nothing can be more excited than getting an opportunity to visit North Korea, the so call most isolated and mysterious country in the world. So many questions came to my mind immediately – Is it safe there? Can I have enough food to eat? Where can I exchange my money before I go? I was confused, curious and a bit worried.

We, a group of journalism students, took the Pyongyang airline in the Beijing airport. Each of us had a North Korea style hamburger on the plane. Seriously, it tasted really terrible and that is why I decided to head to the grocery store for some cup noodle once we arrived the hotel (but this is a stupid decision).

We were not allowed to take any pictures at the Pyongyang airport, but some of my classmates did. Unfortunate, the tour guide saw that asked them to delete the photos right away. In fact, the customs officer even checked some of our iPhones very carefully when we crossed enter boarder. But anyway, we all got into the city!

Every photograph we wanted to take needed permission from the tour guide because we was not allowed to capture certain aspects of life in North Korea, like the local people, soldiers, workers and construction sites. But since we were a group of people, sometimes we just took it anyway when the guide busy introducing the attractions. Two cameramen followed us for the whole journey, filming almost every moment. They said they would make a CD for us at the end and we could choose to buy it or not (it was damn expensive as I remember).

We could not wander around freely, which was a completely different experience of travelling. We have little opportunity to interact with locals and in turn, the locals were too afraid to interact with the foreign visitors. The tour guide told us if the citizens have talked to tourist, they would get into trouble.

We stayed in a five-starts hostel where electricity was cut off from time to time. No Internet of course and no phone call could be made, but we could still “enjoy” some local and Chinese TV channels in our room. I have never seen their currency during the whole trip. However, RMB was accepted in all souvenir stores. I was very curious how they exchange the money back?

In our five-days trip, we checked out a lot of statues and monuments where we needed to offer flowers and bow to show the respect of their president and revolutionary martyrs. We also went to the DMZ, the most fortified border between North Korea and South Korea. It was fun to visit one of their kindergartens and primary school and watch the performance by local kids.

Everything that they showed in us in Pyongyang City looks great but don’t forget many North Korea people are still suffering starvation and struggling with their life. People here are not able to enjoy the freedom that we have. After I came back, I checked out a lot of videos and books that disclose the real life of people in North Korea. I felt extremely complicated and upset.

A Fishman in Lamma Island- Uncle Ming

Because of the increasing fuel price, implement of environmental policy as well as variable weather in recent years, Fishing is suffering a tough time. Most traditional fishermen decide to divert to other fields. Uncle Ming, being as one of the local traditional fishermen, with great luck, found his new job eight years ago and now works as a fisherfolk docent in Lamma fisherfolk’s village.

“As the leaving and retiring of older generation fishermen, some valuable “fisherfolk” culture like fishfolk wedding, traditional way of making dragon boat, weaving the fishing net and frizzling up salty fish pass into silence gradually,” said Cheng Wah Ming with a sense of pity.

Uncle Ming has contributed his own fishing boat which he used to live in with his ten sisters and brothers, as well as all his personal stuff to set up a small fisherfolk’s museum, hoping that all visitors could have a first – hand experience of fishmen’s life and better understand their culture.

“I know even thought it won’t make a big change under my own steam, I am trying my best to remain our traditional fisherfolk culture by working as a docent here. I love my job and it seems a responsibility for me, it is really meaningful.” said Uncle Ming.

“I did the decoration and wrote every piece of spring couplets here by myself.” He said with a bit of pride. And he is in this way, using each tiny action, carry out his promise to preserve fishfolk culture.

Uncle Ming is glad to share his own way of making fish nets and drying salted fish with visitors. But he looks more attractive when he performs magic! “I already have a lot of fans!” he joked. “I learned by reading books and simple wish to bring greater happiness to my visitors.”

Like most fishermen, Uncle Ming believes fishing will be his first and also the last job. However, not everyone get that piece of good luck. “For most of traditional fishermen, with inadequate education and poor stamina in their age, they have to work as sanitation workers or stevedores in urban city when they no longer work as fishermen.”

The <Fisheries Protection Ordinance> will be put into practice in the coming December. Legislative Council has passed the legislative amendments to ban trawling (including pair, stern, shrimp and hang trawling) in Hong Kong waters. By conservative estimates, around 400 trawl boats owners will be affected.

Even though the government is going to buyout those affected inshore trawlers from trawler owners who voluntarily surrender their vessels, it occasioned Uncle Ming much anxiety. “What those fishermen lose will not be simply a fishing boat, but the spiritual patron for their living.” Said Uncle Ming with a sense of sadness.

Being a Volunteer Teacher in Gansu

[ 在甘肅做義教,學懂知足和珍惜 ] 能有機會去甘肅義教是我覺得在大學期間最大收獲的一件事,我非常感謝這次經歷給我帶來的友誼和成長。其實,在短短的幾個星期裡面,我自己覺得我沒有教會孩子太多的知識,但相反,他們卻教會我一生受用的道理-如何知足和珍惜。

Continue reading “Being a Volunteer Teacher in Gansu”

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The Nuiances of Academic Paper

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The One Thing to Do for Academic Paper

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The Academic Paper Chronicles

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New Step by Step Roadmap for Paper Writing Service

Key Pieces of Paper Writing Service

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A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Ap Biology Exam and How to Avoid It

Top Choices of Ap Biology Exam

The intriguing portion of this is that almost all creatures, if custom term paper writing it be a fish or a chicken, develop in this 3 layer fashion. Stick to these four tips so that you can secure a fantastic score! Additionally, your superb important reasoning skills will assist you as a med student.

If you aren’t confident you can do all of the aforementioned, enroll in Music 20A. Math is usually the most difficult subject for students. AP courses aren’t simple, and you ought to be pleased with yourself for making it through the training course.

Ap Biology Exam Can Be Fun for Everyone

If you’ve decided that IB may be suitable for you, look up significant schools in your town that provide the program. Math is usually the most difficult subject for students. Performance courses have to be taken at Berkeley.

You should take some art history seminars. Replication has an extensive history in science. The evolution of this proletariat is going to be the everlasting shame https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/575/1/ of industrial civilization.

The Ap Biology Exam Cover Up

Thinkwell’s internet APBiology subscription provides you a comprehensive Biology course through a complete, web-based solution that includes all of the content you should succeed in AP Biology. The info contained on this site is for informational purposes only. To request a training course syllabus, please review the related subject page at which you can locate the suitable contact info.

However, I feel like I have a comparatively okay comprehension of applications. Each individual needs to have the security and the stability necessary for the foundation of a family. When the engulfed material is liquid or is made up of very smaller particles, the procedure is often termed pinocytosis.

To make the most of the capacity for beneficial effects while minimizing the chance of detrimental effects, it was essential that research be conducted to investigate a wide selection of issues associated with the acquisition and application of genomic details. Because yoga encourages strength and flexibility, it could be an attractive alternative for people who need to enter the practice of exercising. A study was made to investigate whether there’s a difference in response to different treatments in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Most Noticeable Ap Biology Exam

If you’ve decided that IB may be suitable for you, look up significant schools in your town that provide the program. You don’t need to list all the coursework completed as your transcripts should be submitted. AP courses aren’t simple, and you ought to be pleased with yourself for making it through the training course.

The Net Price Calculator is supposed for incoming freshman as a way of estimating the total amount of aid they’ll receive. Because of the character of scientific research, the specific time necessary to finish the whole Graduate Program is variable, but on average it requires five to six decades. To enter the IB program you might have to complete a unique application.

The Debate Over Ap Biology Exam

Applicants that are missing a requirement is going to be notified of the missing pre-requisite and have to respond with a strategy to fill out the requirement. The university also dedicates some of its facilities for people who desire to dwell in gender-neutral or LGBT paperwriterhelp net housing. Demand is extremely high for this exceptional program and there’s many times a waitlist.

To begin with, we’ll introduce the amount of organization of life, and the different kinds of organisms. Cancer is still the second top cause of death, after heart diseases, in the United States, and millions of men and women die from various varieties of cancer worldwide annually. When the engulfed material is liquid or is made up of very smaller particles, the procedure is often termed pinocytosis.

Ap Biology Exam for Dummies

You should take some art history seminars. Applicants who don’t utilize English as their principal language must demonstrate the ability to be effective in a rigorous English-speaking atmosphere. These concepts are good things to know in this area of science, I’ll say.

To begin with, we’ll introduce the amount of organization of life, and the different kinds of organisms. Cancer is still the second top cause of death, after heart diseases, in the United States, and millions of men and women die from various varieties of cancer worldwide annually. There are typically 3-4 research openings you can sift through there.

The program doesn’t provide individual feedback on applications. Because of the character of scientific research, the specific time necessary to finish the whole Graduate Program is variable, but on average it requires five to six decades. To enter the IB program you might have to complete a unique application.

Most Noticeable Ap Biology Exam

For FRQs with numerous components, have students try to answer each area of the question separately. If you take pleasure in the work then maybe you’ve found a major. They might have suggestions that may help you retain certain info, or they might be in a position to increase your test taking times with certain tips.

My favorite of the totally free response questions was the initial one. For a comprehensive review of AP Biology content and strategy, choose the AP prep option which works best for your targets and learning style. A lot of scientific research isn’t subject to data sharing requirements, and several of these policies have liberal exceptions.

The quantity of work that you place into your AP Biology course is going to be mirrored by the score that you get on your AP exam. Other entrance exams taken after higher school graduation aren’t considered. If you want to score your student’s internet practice test, you should direct your student to record their answers on another sheet of paper.

The Pain of Ap Biology Exam

The very first section on AP Bio includes multiple-choice questions and a couple of grid-in questions. Both the class work and lab rotations are made to allow students an opportunity to experience the big picture” in the area of Molecular Genetics, in addition to supplying the facts required to make an educated decision for the selection of thesis research advisor. The Subject Tests will be able to help you stick out from other applicants by emphasizing your expertise and skill level in a particular place.