4 Essential Ways to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

One question has always dogged many Boutir sellers: why do I not have any orders after I have set up my store? No matter you are a beginner with ecommerce or you have run your e-business for some time – you won’t succeed unless you can attract customers to your online store. Of course, that sounds like it is easier said than done. Why not check out the following 5 tips that will help you get lots of traffic without spending a huge budget!

1 . Social media activity 

Social media is one of the channels that gives you free promotion. Your content has to be interesting and outstanding, so that people will want to follow you. So what actually should you do to attract customers using social media?

  • Post regularly – at least on a daily basis, so customers cannot forget about you
  • Engage your users – ask them questions, reply to their comments, try to catch their attention
  • Use graphics – posts with images usually get 50% more engagement that others

2. Customer care 

Another thing that will help you attract many customers is an outstanding customer care. A Forrester research stated that 45% of US consumers would abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns were not addressed quickly. This means that if you want to attract clients, you need to reply to all their comments and inquiries. And it has to be done as soon as possible because timely responses are the key to success in this matter.

A research conducted by McKinsey revealed that 70% of buying experiences are based on customers’ feelings on how they are being treated. As it turns out, it is not the product itself or the ads that are the key – it is customer service. Be nice, helpful and competent and you will see that the customers will come.

3. Promotions 

We all love promos and discounts. But usually it is not the $5 that we save makes us happy. It is rather a psychological mechanism that is responsible for these feelings. It has been confirmed that the word “free” makes us feel irrationally excited, which stimulates positive emotion.

How can you use it in your online store to attract clients? One idea is to offer clients a free shipping. As Patryk Pawlikowski from Shoplo.com said: “Many of our stores propose their clients free shipping and it turns out to be a success. The number of purchases in their stores grows significantly, as a shipping fee is one of the reasons why customers resign from purchase” .

Another way is to distribute discount coupons. You can give them to new clients, so they have a stimulus to make their first purchase. It is also recommended to maintain loyal customers by giving them a special offer, such as “second item 30% off”. All of these can make your clients feel special and encourage them to shop in your store.

4. Email marketing 

Make sure that you encourage all existing customers to return by making special offers and letting them know what you are doing at your store. You can maintain good relationship with them through sending regular emails! An Epsilon ”Branding Survey” has demonstrated that 54% people have more positive attitude towards companies that send them emails. Here are some of the most common ideas:

  • send emails about new products
  • send emails about sales and promos
  • send emails after purchase with similar or recommended products, so that people are eager to make another purchase
  • send emails to clients who have not been active in your store for a while with discount coupons to make them revisit your website
  • send some tips or stylizations related to your products – this way you will inspire people and make them visit your store

You do not need millions to attract customers to your online store. The most important thing is to be creative and know which channels are the most suitable ones for your own. Now let’s go ahead and start promoting your store!

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