Four Tips for Beautiful Product Photo

If you are selling online, you may want to take attractive product photos to enhance online sales and the value of your business. With the following tips, you are able to take high-quality and beautiful images with affordable gears and simple settings. Trust me, you can do it!

1. Camera

Although having a DSLR was necessary for taking quality product photographs, smartphones have dramatically changed the game. iPhone can also produce professional shots. I strongly encourage sellers to explore using your smartphone after you have the proper setup. That should be the step

before committing to the purchase of a high-end camera. You may be surprised.

2. Lighting

If you can find a way to use natural light, do it. Set up your shot near a window (or near a white wall if it reflects enough window light). After taking product photographs, you can also use free mobile apps, such as “Adobe Photoshop Express” and “Photo Editor”, to edit your images.

3. Background

Set your background as simple as possible. Normally, a white background tends to work the best. Other colors can work if they are not too distracting and do not clash with what you are photographing. For small items such as jewelry, you may use more interesting backgrounds. Some sellers use vintage books, wood, paper and cloth to help with showcasing their goods.

4. What to Shoot

Take pictures from every angle you can think of, and shoot way more than you think you need to. If you are trying to sell something, include a variety of pictures. A close-up detail, a shot of the whole thing, and a couple of different angles will help people see what they’re getting.

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