About Me

Hi! My name is Joy and welcome to my blog!

I am keen to become an innovative marketer who brings creative strategies and visions to life. I majored in Journalism at the Hong Kong Baptist University and later gained my master’s degree in Marketing Management at the University of Sheffield. Previously, I worked as a digital marketer for a web & mobile app development company in Hong Kong and right now I’m a part-time event planner.

I embrace a minimalist lifestyle, believing that “we can be more with less”. I try to keep my surroundings simple and organised as it helps me to remain a clear mind. Living with simplicity allows me to break free from excessive consumerism, saving me a lot of time for something that I treasure more, for instance, important relationships, being alone and being close to nature.

I love traveling for pleasure and exploring the unseen. Trying all kinds of food and listening stories from the locals are my favourite part of traveling. I really love the saying “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

To record the fantastic moment of my life, I decided to start writing a blog and sharing stories with anyone who passes by. Do not hesitate to leave comments and contact me if you have any question. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Many loves,