Four Tips for Packaging Your Products

Your packaging says something about your brand and please make sure it is not saying, “I am lazy and careless!”. Superior packaging and design help consumers to recognise your brand, build consumer trust, and encourage repurchase. If you haven’t invested time and resources into the packaging of your products, check out the following 4 simple tips and start to do it for your online store today!

1. Know Your Customers & Competitors

Who are your target customers? What are the things that attract or interest them? These are the questions you should be asking yourself before designing your packaging. If you’re selling cosmetics, for instance, you know that soft, feminine colors will work to your advantage. However, if you’re selling something for children, vibrant bold colors, fonts, and images will be your best bet.

Take a minute to study the most successful competitors you will face. Figure out what their designs have in common and how they are different. As you are comparing your packaging to your competitors, also focus on how you can improve their designs to make yours stand out.

2. Keep It Simple & Reflect Your Brand 

Your packaging is part of your branding, so let it reflect your style. What colors, materials, and patterns will help you create a consistent brand image and deliver your brand message effectively? You don’t have to wrap your products in expensive gift paper with hand-curled ribbons; most buyers are perfectly satisfied with a package that has been carefully and securely wrapped with clean, plain, recycled environmentally friendly paper.

As you may never meet your customers, use the package to communicate with and encourage them to come back. Putting your brand name, logo and oline store link on the outside of the packaging can be effective. You can do a little bit more to make your customers’ unwrapping experience more pleasant – write a small “Thank you” card and a personal note, or use some nice ribbon to make your customers feel like they’re opening a gift.

3. Test Multiple Designs & Ask for feedback 

No matter how well designed and thoughtful a package is, it is critical to make sure customers react in the way you expected. Take several designs and test them with a focus group, even if it’s just friends and family. Take note of what each person says, and where their opinions overlap.

Find out what message the product is sending them and make sure it is is line with what you are trying to convey. You love your product already so the fact that the design appeals to you does not necessarily mean that it will grasp a customer the same way. Test as much as possible!

4. Include Promotion Elements 

Being a smart seller, you can make used of your packaging to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Consider the following 5 types of packaging inserts:

  • Business Card – to make sure that your buyer remembers you and your store, slip two business cards into your package.
  • Discount Offers – including discounts or credits for future purchases right in the box ensures your customers will receive the offer and leaves them with a tangible reminder.  eg. “Free Shipping On Your Next Order”
  • Product Samples – product samples provide a great way to cross-sell customers and introduce them to other products and product lines that they may not know about
  • Small Gifts – small gifts can be a great way to surprise and delight customers, so as to build up better relationship with them

With all these tips, I hope your packaging can help you enchant your customers!

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